October 2007

Anne and Some Stole Pics

Chapter 28 of Anne of Green Gables is ready for all my anxious podcast listeners! An Unfortunate Lily Maid is an awfully fun one - Anne ends up in a catastrophic situation, she and Gilbert have a testy exchange, Marilla despairs of Anne ever acquiring some sense, and Matthew, a man of few but wise words urges Anne not to give up on romance completely.

Here is a photo of The Secret of the Stole with Clue 2 finished:

Secret of the Stole - Clue 2 finished

Rainy Day Monday

I finished my Sockina Cotton socks:

Sockina Cotton Socks - finished

Bad Blogger!

Maybe if I make a schedule for myself I'll blog more often? I get in this pattern where I put off blogging (because I'd rather be knitting) and then it's been so long since I blogged that I get overwhelmed with the amount of picture taking and uploading and writing and linking necessary to blog. Silly isn't it? I've simplified my photo uploading process (no more resizing or naming individual files) and that speeds things up a bit. And an especially discouraging development was when my memory card went wonky this past week and ate all the pictures I'd taken, thus requiring reformatting the freaking thing and taking said pictures again. Except for the pictures of the lovely cotton washcloths I made for my grandma for her birthday and which have already been sent off to Arkansas for her. I'm planning on making more of the same for other birthdays and holiday gifts so you'll get pics then but in the meantime, they were pretty and pastel and soft. Happy 77th, Mema!

Okay, knitting! Remember the Kauni Cardigan?

Kauni Cardigan - natural light