Last Week In the Garden

I took a bunch of pics last week of the garden and yard. They aren't fabulous - it was cloudy and I'm thinking I'm due for a camera upgrade at some point soon - but you get the picture! Purple irises ready to bloom:

Purple Iris Blossoms

Some Winter Pictures

Rather than try to catch up on several months of blogging that I just didn't get to, I thought I'd post a few pictures. Tasha loves the snow.

Tasha in the snow

Spring has Sprung, the Kitchen Garden is Begun

I'm told by a couple of my aunts who know about such things that these are flowering cherry trees:

Flowering cherry trees

Knitting Book Review

I'm enjoying using GoodReads to keep track of books and thought I'd try out their tool to blog a review I just wrote... The Friday Night Knitting Club

The Friday Night Knitting Club by Kate Jacobs

My review

rating: 1 of 5 stars

Bleh. This book was somewhat satisfying light chick lit until the end when it tried to be serious and meaningful. The knitting elements were somewhat interesting but overall I thought this book was a waste of time. View all my reviews.

Colorways Inspired by Anne of Green Gables

This was the colorway that started my Anne of Green Gables colorways, the Lake of Shining Waters:

Lake of Shining Waters - 2