Some Scarves and a Shawl

Besides hats, scarves are easy gifts; highly customizable and no worries about getting the size right. First up is the Fake Lace Scarf:

Fake Lace Scarf

Here a hat, there a hat, everywhere a hat...


Hats are brilliant gifts. They are quick, they are easy, and you can do all kinds of things with them to suit the intended recipients. First up is the Blue Green Chunky Hat which was a gift for my cousin's wife Stephanie for her birthday.

Blue Green Chunky Hat

Dad's Birthday Sweater

It has come to my attention that I am quite the lapsed blogger and pocaster and I plan on remedying that! I've been busy, I've been sick, I've been lazy, and so on but in any case there's lots of catching up to do. Most projects I was working on for myself like the Kauni Eleanor Stole and the Mystery Stole (which has since been revealed to be based upon a Guinevere theme) have been on hold while I've been working on gift knitting for the holidays. So, going back to where I left off, I did finally finish Dad's birthday sweater about a month after his birthday.

Dad's Birthday Sweater

Anne and Some Stole Pics

Chapter 28 of Anne of Green Gables is ready for all my anxious podcast listeners! An Unfortunate Lily Maid is an awfully fun one - Anne ends up in a catastrophic situation, she and Gilbert have a testy exchange, Marilla despairs of Anne ever acquiring some sense, and Matthew, a man of few but wise words urges Anne not to give up on romance completely.

Here is a photo of The Secret of the Stole with Clue 2 finished:

Secret of the Stole - Clue 2 finished

Rainy Day Monday

I finished my Sockina Cotton socks:

Sockina Cotton Socks - finished