Boland Bridge Is Coming Down ...

Anyone who lives in the St. Louis area knows about the construction on highway 40 (aka I-64) that began earlier this year and will continue for the next four years. It's a huge project and it needs to be done but man is it an inconvenience for people who live near or commute via the highway. My man and I are lucky, we both work close enough to home that we can get there without the highways but we do live very near the highway. In fact, if you walk one block down our street, it dead-ends at the highway.

We live in a brick oven

We're on the second story of a brick house duplex. It is a long and skinny type apartment. The living room is in the front of the house which faces west. The living room has lots of windows. When it is 100+ degrees outside and you have sun shining on those windows all afternoon (regardless of the fact that the blinds are closed), the effect is quite simple. It is like living in a brick oven.

We Live in a Brick Oven

Pictures in the late afternoon sun

Here are some better pictures of the Kauni, taken with no flash but some shadows due to the late afternoon sun:

Kauni Cardigan - natural light

Back from vacation

I meant to post before I left but things got crazy so now of course I have all kinds of catching up to do. In any case, Chapter 24 of Anne of Green Gables was released before I left and I plan on recording another chapter soon.

I started the Kauni cardigan and am actually quite a bit farther than this now but here is the most recent picture:

Kauni Cardigan - getting started

Blanket and Spinning

Well, the blue tofutsies bounced back nicely after a trip through the washer and dryer but I will be going down a needle size in the future. Here is the finished Chunky Blanket!

Chunky Blanket - finished, each color used 4 times