Knitterly Catch Up

So there have been plenty of projects that have been finished and not blogged about through the holiday and wedding planning craziness. So today it's time to catch up! Dishcloths are great gifts and they've become my standard gift for my fancy aunts. The Fancy Aunts are a group of my aunts and older female cousins who get together every couple of months to celebrate the birthdays that fall around that date. Dishcloths are great for Fancy Aunts because they are cute but also practical. I love the patterns in Mason-Dixon Knitting. I've now made two sets of three like this:

Mason Dixon Washcloths

One set was for Mema and one was for my Aunt Didi. I think I've come to prefer the simpler pattern though. Three of these went to my Aunt Lorie and three to my Aunt Nancy:

Ballband Dishcloths - close up

Next time around I got a bit more adventurous with the colors and I love how they turned out. Here are three for my Aunt Margaret and three for my Aunt Libby:

More Ballband Dishcloths

Libby informed me that her almost-four-year old, Jack, loves the dishcloths and has claimed them for his own! And I quote from our family website:

Jack's favorite present of mine by far is the washcloths Annie made for me. He LOVES them. He took them over immediately. He hides under them and thinks we can't find him, hops from one to another on the floor, and plays with them a lot. I keep putting them away and he finds them again. They are quite a hit.

This cracked me up! As a reminder the dishcloth yarn is all Peaches and Creme Worsted.

For Stephen's son Jeffrey's birthday, I made him fingerless gloves.  Both the pattern and the yarn are from Knit Picks.  Here are the Men's Convertible Mittens, made with Swish Superwash in Dark Navy, with the top down:

Convertible Gloves - Mittens Down

And top up:

Convertible Gloves - Mittens Up

Great pattern and a quick knit. Unfortunately Jeffrey apparently thinks that 1) Mittens are uncool 2) Fingerless gloves are uncool and 3) the blue is not dark enough. Therefore, these were firmly rejected, lol! Maybe the fact that Stephen thought they were so great and suggested them should have clued me in to the fact that his 14 year old son would think otherwise. No sweat, Stephen can have these and now I know what Jeff wants!

As a treat to myself for the holidays, I got some Hand Maiden's Mini Maiden yarn in Ruby.  Mini Maiden is half wool and half silk which I've found to be such a nice mix, it's got shine, it's got stretch, it's great!  I decided to make myself some nice gloves so I used the Basic Glove pattern from Ann Budd's Knitter's Handy Book of Patterns.  My red silky wool gloves:

Red Gloves

I forgot to take a picture before I'd worn them quite a bit so you can see that with wear they've started to pill a bit but I still think they're gorgeous.  The color in the first picture is more accurate but in this next one you can see that they fit like, well, gloves!

Red Gloves - perfect fit

I finished my Peach Cabletini socks awhile ago and I guess I never took a picture of the finished pair so here is just one:

Giant Peach Cabletini Socks - one sock finished

These are the Cabletini Toe-Up Socks by Wendy Johnson and I think it's a gorgeous pattern! The tiny cables are so pretty and the ribbing makes them nice and snug.  The yarn is Dream in Color's Smooshy in Giant Peach.  Here is a picture up close:

Giant Peach Cabletini Socks - up close

It’s not often that I knit a project from start to finish without touching anything else. It’s also not often that I get some yarn and immediately wind it and start knitting. This was bought with a Christmas gift certificate for The Loopy Ewe and I was so in love with the colors and how quickly it knit up that I just kept going and hence the Four Day Socks. Beautiful.

Four Day Socks

The yarn is Schaefer Yarns' Lola which is a light worsted weight.  Their colorways are one of a kind but The Loopy Ewe gives them names and this is Grapes on the Vine.  This is a basic sock, knit from the toe up with Judy's Magic Cast On and a short row heel.  Here are the gorgeous colors up close:

Four Day Socks

So I think that's almost all of the finished objects I hadn't already blogged about.  I finished Stephen's sweater this past weekend which was a major project and deserves a post unto itself!  That'll be coming soon.